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8. Eric Bischoff Explains Why Brand Split Is Not Working Well According To Him

During a recent edition of “Bischoff on Wrestling” podcast, Eric Bischoff explains why WWE’s brand split is not working well according to him.

Below is what he said:

“Maybe it’s just me and my expectations but when I think of a “brand split” I think of the drama and the competition that should go on between the two. Not just two separate shows with two separate rosters.

However great they are or great the storylines are in between them. The drama and the intensity of the drama I harken back to, again, because this is what I know and live and made my name at doing.

The competition between WCW and WWE was so intense. You’re never going to be able to recreate that in today’s world. I would love to see elements of that competitiveness between the two. Not just in terms of, “Whose got the best roster?” Or, “Who puts on the best show from week to week?” But the drama that goes along with that.

It was that drama of, “Who’s going to jump next?” Or, “Who’s going to make the transition?” It was the story of that that really elevated wrestling to the point that it was in the late-90’s. That’s, I guess, what I am referring to. Again, that’s probably my own fault for having that expectation.”

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