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Famous Owen Hart Impersonator Got Released From His WWF Contract After Several Stars Complained

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• Famous Owen Hart Impersonator Got Released From His WWF Contract After Several Stars Complained

Who could ever forget the epic Owen Hart impersonation on WWF RAW IS WAR in 1998 by professional impersonator Jason Sensation?

Jason appeared on a recent episode of the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, where he revealed why the World Wrestling Federation eventually ended up letting him go.

Here’s what he had to say:

“The majority of them really got a kick out of me, in fact, I think I actually got signed to a contract because I made so many guys laugh. There was a point one of my first times backstage where all these guys surrounded me, maybe 30 wrestlers surrounded me, 30 guys that I idolized, getting me to do voices. I think because of the way they all embraced me, that’s basically why I got a 3-year contract. Something started to happen on the road afterwards.

This was all fine and dandy when everybody was getting entertained backstage, but when it started to go out on the show, before I did Owen Hart, or even after I did Owen Hart, I was out hosting. I think as time went on and they started getting me to host the shows, on house shows, I would actually come out at the beginning of house shows and do impressions before the house show.

This is where it started to become a little bit of a problem because now, I’m doing, ‘Finally The Rock has come back to Toronto, or you didn’t know, you’re a$$ better call somebody’, I’m doing this at the beginning of shows, these guys are backstage watching their gimmicks getting used, and then when they come out to do their gimmicks, it’s not as big of a pop, or they think maybe I took some of their pop away. You got to respect them for that.

As time went on, what I did started to work against me and it did start to rub some of the boys the wrong way. Some of the boys went behind my back and kiboshed my hosting job. It sucked. I lost that hosting gig because too many guys complained about using their gimmicks.”

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