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Fans Are Trying To Get Kiana James Fired From WWE After Finding Old Tweets

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NXT wrestler Kiana James was drafted to RAW in the 2024 Draft.

As soon as that happened, some fans found some old tweets of her, dating as far as 2012 (when she was 14 years old), and are now trying to get her fired from WWE.

A Twitter user shared the following screenshots and wrote:

“A reminder Kiana James is homophobic and racist.”

Other fans came to Kiana’s defense. Below are some of their responses:

“She’s black btw.”

“Kiana is black + if my math is right she was either 14 or 15.”

“Those tweets are old and she’s black so nice try.”

“Another instance where the IWC starts hating on random wrestlers.”

“She sounds cool as hell to me.”

“There’s no way you’re trying to cancel someone for tweets they made when they were still in high school.”

“BARELY in high school too lol she was 14 meaning a freshman.”

“Of course people always got to do this when something good happens to a wrestler.”

“How does saying somebody’s gay make u homophobic…”

“Children sometimes don’t choose their words wisely. Attacking something said when someone was a child is pretty embarrassing.”

“She was a 14 year old. A child with no filter. What were you like as a child? Do some digging and there will be a reason to cancel you.”

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