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Fans Find More Proof About Lars Sullivan Doing Adult Movies

Lars Sullivan NXT

• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (December 29, 1996) – WCW Starrcade 1996

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on December 29, 1996, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling aired their annual ‘Starrcade’ event LIVE on PPV from the Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.

This was the first Starrcade, Roddy Piper worked since the original one in 1983, where he wrestled Greg “The Hammer” Valentine in the infamous Dog Collar match, as well as Hogan’s first Starrcade as a Heel, after his famous nWo Heel Turn earlier that year.

Here are the results:

– Unification – J-Crown & WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Ultimo Dragon defeated Dean Malenko

– WCW Women’s Championship: Akira Hokuto defeated Madusa

– Jushin Thunder Liger defeated Rey Mysterio Jr.

– No DQ: Jeff Jarrett defeated Chris Benoit

– WCW World Tag Team Championship: The Outsiders (c) defeated The Faces of Fear

– WCW United States Heavyweight Championship: Eddie Guerrero defeated Diamond Dallas Page

– Lex Luger defeated The Giant

– Roddy Piper defeated Hollywood Hogan

• Fans Find More Proof About Lars Sullivan Doing Adult Movies

As we noted yesterday, WWE wrestler Lars Sullivan (who is currently out of action with a knee injury) did some adult movies back in the day.

Fans have found videos and photos of Lars in some adult movies. You can check out some photos in the video embedded below:

As seen in the first photo, Sullivan has a tattoo with initials of his real name (Dylan Miley) and you can now check out his new cover-up tattoo below:

Lars Sullivan Tattoo

Regarding the second photo, here’s another photo of Lars when he was young:

Lars Sullivan WWE Old Photo

Some people still didn’t believe it, so fans found out more proof about Sullivan’s past.

You can watch the intro of one of Sullivan’s movies below:

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