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Fans Rip Young Bucks’ Underwhelming Superkicks To Sting On AEW Dynamite

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• Fans Rip Young Bucks’ Underwhelming Superkicks To Sting On AEW Dynamite

On this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, a brawl broke out after the main event, where Adam Cole defeated Jeff Hardy to advance to the Finals of the Men’s Owen Hart Tournament.

During this brawl, former AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks laid out WCW Legend Sting with a double superkick.

However, these kicks were very underwhelming, as they hit Sting softly on the shoulders.

You can watch it below:

You can read fans’ comments about this on Social Media below:

“Sweet Arms Music.”

“Damn Sting is going to need shoulder surgery after this lol”

“Shoulder Kick Party.”

“Sweet Shoulder Music.”

“He ate the chair but went down off a shoulder massage 😂 “

“That man has a family, dammit!!”

“They are not even trying at this point.”

“Right in the shoulders. My god that killed him!”


“The Hardley boys”


“Man.. tonight was just a bad night all around wasn’t it?”


“*Michael Cole voice* They didn’t quite get all of it…”

“It’s the young bucks what do you expect”

“Young bucks are too short”

“@allelitewrestling is gonna botch their way out of business. Pretty much anyone that isn’t ex-WWE is awful.”

“Ratings will drop again and next Wednesday they will keep doing the same exact sh*t. What a joke.”

“Episode was an all time stinker.”

“Man wrestling soft now…”

“Sting is a legit 6’2 or 6’3. Not like those midgets the Young Bucks super kicked on the indie scene.”

“Can’t get their little baby legs up that high.”

“Those super shoulder kicks hurt 😂 “

“They f**king blow! They are so overrated it’s sickening.”

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