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8. Gillberg Comments On Rumors Of Him Signing With WWE

During a recent appearance on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Gillberg talked about his return to WWE programming on last week’s Raw and if he has signed a contract or not. Below are the highlights:

On rumors of him signing a new WWE contract:

“Please tell me it is true? Dude, I am not saying it to just save my a$$ but I have heard nothing. As far as I’ve heard I was brought in for Raw. God, I would love to sign a contract.

No problem. I love wrestling and wrestling is my life. I’ll be a wrestler til the day I die and I would love to go back up. Even if it was for six months. It is a childhood dream.”

Getting the call to appear on Raw and who called him:

“It was John Kellen and he said we want to bring you in and use you on Monday night. He asked if I was avaialbe and I said hell yeah, for WWE I don’t care where I am, I am available.

That is the truth and I’ve always been like that since I started up there. He said they were going to fly me into Vegas and he’ll see me at the building. I didn’t know what I was doing, where I was doing it but I kind of put two and two together.”

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