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Fastlane 2021 (Live Coverage & Results) – Part 4

Alexa Bliss Defeats Randy Orton At Fastlane 2021 WrestleFeed App

This is part 4 of our Fastlane 2021 live coverage (part 3 is here).

Up next is an Intergender Match. 14-Time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton makes his way out first.

Orton is doing is signature pose in the ring and he’s already coughing black liquid out of his mouth.

Orton then cleaned up his mouth and called out Alexa. Alexa then made her way to the ring.

This match is happening under pink lights. The match begins, Orton goes after Alexa and a fireball goes off and almost hits Randy in the face.

Randy goes running towards Alexa, but misses and goes shoulder-first into the steel ring post.

Randy is stalking Alexa around the ring and Alexa makes something fall from the top by just using her eyes and Orton is scared.

Alexa throws another fireball at Orton and he’s stunned.

Someone’s hand comes out of the ring and grabs Orton’s leg. Now fire blasts off from the ring and a burned Fiend comes out from under the ring!

The Fiend Bray Wyatt New Burned Look WWE Fastlane 2021 WrestleFeed App

Alexa pushes Orton towards The Fiend and he hits Sister Abigail! Alexa sits on top of Randy and pins him.

Alexa Bliss def. Randy Orton

WATCH: Alexa Bliss’ Buns Exposed:

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