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5. Demolition Retires – Still The Longest Reigning World Tag Team Champions!

We received word that the longest reigning WWF/E World Tag Team Champions of all time, Demolition recently wrestled their final match at a local independent wrestling event.

Ax & Smash are both currently involved in a concussion law suit against the WWE, which is why Vince McMahon decided to strip them of their record and putting it on a random trio of PG gimmick wrestlers, who never drew a dime in this business.

Only he failed to do so, as the WWF/E World Tag Team Championship (established 1971), which Demolition held for a record of 16 months during their first of 3 total reigns as champions, was actually retired on August 16, 2010 for a fact.

The legendary Tag Team also holds the record of 698 combined days as Champions including all of their 3 reigns, for that title and in this case also any other Tag Team title in WWF/E history.

The WWE Tag Team Championship on the other hand was established on October 20, 2002 with Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit becoming the first ever champions after winning a tournament final. That’s the exact title the 3 modern day era wrestlers now hold the record for, but definitely NOT for the championship that Demolition once held.

Those belts are now called the RAW Tag Team Championship after a name change due to the 2016 roster split.

So Vince’s attempt to strip Demolition of their record was nothing but a sore kayfabe attempt to “work the marks”, but that didn’t work out so well after all.

The team of Ax & Smash are still THE longest reigning WWF/E World Tag Team Champions for a fact. Period.

Here’s a video that shows them on the indies in 2012:

Demolition on the Indies (2012-05-04) von WWEFanPower

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