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“F***ing Crazy” – Kevin Nash Is Against AEW Blood & Guts Spot

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Last month, AEW held its annual Blood & Guts match on Dynamite in Boston, Massachusetts, which is one of the most violent nights in the pro wrestling industry.

The Golden Elite and Blackpool Combat Club went head-to-head in this year’s match and The Golden Elite came out on top.

The match featured some extremely violent spots. One of the most notable spots in the match was the use of nails.

Former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley pulled out a bed of nails and was happy to be dropped on them.

While discussing that spot on his Kliq This podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash said he’d never do such a thing, and thought it was very crazy of Moxley to do that.

“I’m not laying on f***ing nails. [If] I’m in the ring, or we are setting this up and we are talking about this in the back and they go, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna do this thing with this f***ing thing of nails and don’t worry, you can’t get hurt.’ … ‘Okay, I’m not doing this. Go f*** yourselves.’

People always say, ‘F***ing Nash is a WWE guy,’ and it’s like, ‘Yeah,’ I don’t remember anything being that f***ing crazy’.”

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