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Finn Balor Says The Undertaker Helped Him With His Special Entrance

In a recent interview with Inquisitr, top NXT Star Finn Balor revealed that Road Dogg, Triple H & The Undertaker helped him to come up with his special entrance. Below are the highlights from the interview:

Creating his special entrance:

“It wasn’t until later in my career that I really focused on the importance on making an entrance. I got to give credit to everyone that helped me with the entrance because it wasn’t just my ideas. We had a huge team in coming up with the entrance.

I had a lot of help from Road Dogg and a lot of help from Triple H. I spoke with the legendary Undertaker as well. If you’re going to learn about entrances from anyone, you might learn from the Undertaker.

It’s a whole team effort, and not just me coming up with it by myself.”

Wrestling Kevin Owens on July 4th in Japan:

“It’s a huge match. Just even the significance on the building its in, the Sumo Arena. It’s the arena I had my last match in. It’s really only 14 months later and I’m returning with WWE on the main roster to challenge Kevin Owens for the NXT championship.

Kevin Owens has been causing a stir around the wrestling world. That’s a huge match, not only for what’s at stake, but personally for me, returning to Japan, that’s a country that took me in and was a second home. Japan took me in as one of their own and treated me like one of their own.”

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