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“First Time Ever” Match Being Planned For Hell In A Cell 2017, Matt Hardy’s “BROKEN Brilliance” Reaches The NFL Network (Video), Reason Behind SmackDown Live Wrestler’s Push Being Cancelled

Hell in a Cell Match PPV

Let’s take a look at the top 5 WWE stories of the hour:

5. WWE Not Allowing Footage Of Daniel Bryan Taking Bumps to Air

During a recent Q&A session in a Live Video, a fan asked former WWE Divas Champion Brie Bella to upload a training video of her to the Bella Twins’ YouTube channel. Here’s what Brie said about it: “I actually did do some and they won’t allow it to be shown.”

Her husband, Daniel Bryan (who was also in the video) said the following: “Oh yeah, because she drop kicked me off the second rope. They are not allowed to show me doing anything.”

You can watch the video of them saying this below:

Speaking of Brie Bella, this week’s episode of Total Bellas drew 558,000 viewers. This is down from previous week’s 681,000 viewers.

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