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FLASHBACK: Randy Orton Shoots On Kelly Kelly Sleeping Around In WWE

Kelly Kelly Randy Orton

In this flashback article, we’re gonna take a look at an old shoot interview with Randy Orton, where he talks about former Divas Champion Kelly Kelly (aka Barbie Blank) sleeping around in WWE.

Below are the highlights:

Orton: We did a thing with Kelly Kelly, you know, my daughter had just been born and it was like where I supposedly, you know, I had like a one-night thing with her and told her on the show like I just used you and this, and that’d be tough I would think for some women.

Host: I would be a method actor in that situation. Actually to do that to know…you gotta know exactly what you’re doing. You can’t fake that. You have to have $ex with Kelly Kelly. That’s the method acting.

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Orton: I could name a few method actors who….

Host: There has been a lot of method acting on Kelly Kelly?

Orton: I could name ten guys right now.

Host: Can I name them? Can I read them off your face?

Orton: Yeah, okay.

Host: The Khali. (All laughing) (Randy mimicking Khali) He nailed Kelly Kelly. No doubt about it.

Kane. Undertaker. Big Show. All the big guys.

Jericho, The Edge. I’m sure those two have done it.

Orton: You said “The Edge”. That’s funny. It’s Edge. There’s no ‘The’.

Host: Christian?

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