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Former AEW Editor Says He Was Bullied In AEW, Talks About Cody Rhodes’ Bad Behaviour

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Former AEW video editor Louie Benson took to Twitter on Thursday and said that he was bullied in the company when he worked there.

Below is what he wrote:

“Things were very off from the time I started with AEW by way of Comeback Studios. Shortly after I was hired, I was told that Cody [Rhodes], the EVP, didn’t like me and thought I was a ‘stalker fan’ based on an interaction I had with him at All In.

This didn’t make sense to me because every other time I had met him, he seemed friendly, even initiating physical contact with me. But I was told over and over again, ‘If Cody asks, we’ll fire you.’ I became terrified of the man because I had left home and moved 8 hours away from friends and family for this job and I was told my job was in the hands of a guy who already didn’t like me.

Cody apparently requested that I not be present when he was in our building which led to me either being made to leave or stuck hidden in a room when he came around, having to ask if I could come out to use the restroom.

I was also told not to talk to any talent, not even friends I had made before either of us worked there. This led to really awkward interactions early on when I tried to avoid making eye contact with people I’d had friendly interactions with before or not responding when someone would attempt to talk to me.

I didn’t receive credit for work I had done in the Road to series because ‘Cody only wants [these two people] to have credit.’ When I brought up that other people had credits, I was told, ‘The only reason we credited everyone else was because they were being babies about it.’

I wasn’t allowed to post on social media about my job. I couldn’t even update my LinkedIn. I was the only employee this applied to as my co-workers would advertise weekly that they worked for AEW or would post pictures on set or with members of the roster.

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