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Former AEW World Champion Reveals How Stone Cold Steve Austin Started To Like Him

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In a recent interview with ‘Inside The Ropes’, former 2-time AEW World Champion CM Punk revealed that Stone Cold Steve Austin originally took a liking to him after he walked up to The Texas Rattlesnake backstage and asked to receive a Stunner from him in the segment they had together afterwards.

Here’s what Punk had to say about Austin:

“I walk up to him and go ‘Hey, what are you doing?’. And he’s like ‘What do you mean?’. ‘Do you mind just coming out and giving me a Stunner? And how else are we gonna send these people home?’.

And he was like ‘Goddamn! Yeah. Alright, kid!’. And here’s a guy, and he literally was like ‘I’ve been back here, I don’t know how many times, and ain’t nobody ever asked me that before!’. You know?

And I was just like why the f**k hasn’t anybody ever asked this guy, because I was like, I’m out the door. I might as well be able to say I took a Stunner.

I think that’s where Steve Austin took a liking to me? Again, if you never ask, the answer is always no.

So that’s when I started prodding him and there was a sliver in time where it was gonna happen.”

CM Punk wrestled for World Wrestling Entertainment from 2006 until he refused to show up to work in early 2014, which got him fired a few months later.

Phil Brooks then tried his luck in mixed martial arts (MMA), but after 2 UFC undercard-fighters defeated him pretty easily, Dana White didn’t give him another chance to fight in his promotion.

Punk then joined Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling in 2021 and managed to win the AEW World Title twice (and got injured during both reigns), but got suspended over a backstage brawl that took place after the All Out 2022 PPV.

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