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Former Champion Blames WWE For Their Athletes Dying Young

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Some former WWF/WWE athletes have died at a pretty young age in the past, which was usually – at least in most cases – because they severely overused all sorts of medical pain killers.

Former Intercontinental Champion Ryback spoke about this topic on a recent episode of his podcast, where he ended up blaming WWE for those circumstances.

Here’s what The Big Guy said about WWE:

“They’re not good people. The only reason that logo exists is because of the wrestlers.

The wrestlers have eaten sh*t for so many years. Everyone agrees with me. None of them have the balls to come up and say it, because they have families, but it came to a point where I came up and said ‘these are not good people’ and I’m not doing this.

I cannot stress to you, I’m not going back to that environment.

It’s a sad and lonely life, that’s why all the wrestlers there die young. I’d rather live happy and healthy, and I’d rather have that elsewhere.

I’d rather be elsewhere, because I don’t trust them. I know how they operate. Even if I have it in writing, they find a way to hurt me.”

Ryback wrestled for WWE from 2010 (known as Skip Sheffield at that point) until he left the promotion in 2016.

His biggest accomplishments were main eventing multiple pay-per-views, having matches at WrestleMania, challenging for the WWE Championship and winning the Intercontinental Championship on one occasion.

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