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Former Champion Returning Next Month, Video Of Dolph Ziggler Impersonating & Mocking The Undertaker On SmackDown Live, Vince McMahon’s Reaction To Bullet Club’s Raw Invasion

Jim Ross Reveals It Was The Undertaker Who Talked Vince McMahon Into Bringing Him Back, Shares An Emotional Moment He Had With The Undertaker Backstage At WrestleMania 33

Let’s take a look at the top 5 WWE stories of the hour:

5. Jim Ross Comments On The Possibility Of The Undertaker Returning, If A UFC Style Match Between Brock Lesnar & Jon Jones Is Possible At WrestleMania

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross answered many fan questions on the Q&A section on his website. Below are the highlights from that Q&A session:

Hey there Jr, hope your day (or night) is going well, I was re-watching Unforgiven ’98 on WWE Network. Wondering what it was like sitting in front of/calling the first inferno match Kane/Taker? One other inquiry as well if I may. Regardless of brand/current association would you rather see Paul Heyman with Braun or Shinsuke and why? Hope all is well. Thank-you for your time. Grew up on your voice during the Attitude Era, as I got older I appreciated your lexicon even more. Thanks for the time and effort and all the amazing memories (which are still being made mind you just in other venues.)
“The Inferno match was HOT at ringside to say the least. Heyman isn’t leaving Lesnar nor is he going go absorb another talent to manage at this time, I’m thinking. Nakamura needs to continue to refine his English and Strowman doesn’t need a ‘manager’ IMO.”

Was Bobby Heenan a guy who kept up with what was going on in other promotions? Did he know your work from WCW when you came to WWF? Did you ever try to get him to come back full-time after WCW closed in 2001?
“Bobby casually kept up with the other wrestling companies but wasn’t obsessed with what they were doing.”

Hi Jim, I realize that rumors can start on the internet and never come to light but with all the talk of The Undertaker possibly returning soon do you believe that it’s possible? Thanks.
“This Undertaker matter is really very simple, until he says that he’s officially finished then he isn’t. Case Closed.”

Could a real UFC style fight between Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar be sanctioned at WrestleMania? I think that would be the bigger draw if possible.
“I’d guess no officially for a MMA fight but yes if it were a traditional WWE production.”

Hi JR. Regarding the Fake Razor/Fake Diesel story. What were your thoughts going in? Did you think it would work? I, like most, hated them + was surprised how long they actually stayed around.
“The genre is reality-fiction based and sometimes the casting and creative works and at other times not. It was an assignment and I did it the best that I could. End of story.”

JR do you have a preference on the money in the bank match being a stand alone ppv or a match a wrestlemania? Personally I think it should be at mania, there’s no better way to introduce your next possible main eventer than at the biggest show of the year. Thanks.
“I do not but having a designated event entitled TLC may be iffy in today’s market for some.”

People criticize WWE for not signing big names from WCW after the success of the Invasion PPV. They argue that WWE made more than enough from that PPV to buyout big name contracts. I do not believe that is remotely true and ignores the other (non-financial) reasons the big names were not brought in right away. As a person who was dealing with that at the time, could you give some insight on this? I’ve seen some blame you for Jeff Jarrett’s contract issue at the end of his WWE run (expired before the PPV he was to drop the belt at). I’m assuming it is inaccurate to blame you for that.
“It’s really simple…many of the big names you refer to did not want to walk away from being at home and still making big money from Time Warner. I accept the blame because that seems to be important in today’s world for the Jarrett debacle. I felt he was staying with us because that is what he told me. Shame on me for taking someone at their world inside the rasslin biz.”

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