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Former Champion Says WWE’s Horrible Non-Sexual Stuff Is About To Come Out

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• Former Champion Says WWE’s Horrible Non-Sexual Stuff Is About To Come Out

Everyone knows the deal between Ryback and WWE by now. The Big Guy doesn’t like Vince McMahon & Triple H because they screwed him out of opportunities.

Ryback has noted in the past that WWE tried to take away his Social Media accounts when he left the company, and currently claims that WWE told Twitter to kill his reach on the platform.

The former Intercontinental Champion has been in a good mood as of late, because of Vince getting in trouble with the hush money scandal and the investigation that’s been going on.

After Vince shockingly announced his retirement from WWE, after running the company for 40 years, Ryback expressed his pleasure on Twitter.

Below is what he tweeted:

“What a beautiful day! The truth always wins. Now we Finish It! #Hungry

Now @paraga @btaylor @twittersupport fix my account!”

He also tweeted:

“I f**king love that Jeff Jarrett works for WWE and Vince McMahon doesn’t in 2022.”

Earlier today, he tweeted:

“I have told you the truth all along based off of personal experience.

Now just wait until they find all the horrible non $exual stuff the company does to talent and former talents.

Some will find another reason to hate, but that’s on you. Ryback TM is coming home, clean sweep!”

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