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Former ECW Champion Explains Why Bobby Roode & Dolph Ziggler Were In A Real Sh!tty Spot At Hell In A Cell 2017, Sting / Great Muta Contract Signing

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Former ECW Champion Explains Why Bobby Roode & Dolph Ziggler Were In A Real Sh!tty Spot At Hell In A Cell 2017

During a recent edition of The Taz Show, former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Taz discussed the Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler match from Hell In A Cell 2017, the #1 contenders match from this week’s SmackDown Live & more. Below are the highlights:

On the #1 contenders match on this week’s SmackDown Live, Tag Team needing a name:

“Then they went to the fatal 4-way. I think it was a two segment match I believe – The Hype Bros, The Ascension Chad, Shelton Benjamin. Those guys need a name. Give them a name. Chad and Shelton, Shelton Benjamin Chad ….come on give them a name. Enough! Okay something you know American Alpha-2 …..gold medal times two….. something I don’t know. I’m being sarcastic. Something better than that.

Breezango was in this thing here and The Usos watching ringside which was smart, with the titles in their hands. This was a good match. They ended up having Shelton and Chad Gable win the match over Breezango. I have no problem with Shelton and Chad winning, I think that’s cool and they’re gonna push them and I think that that’s cool.

But Breezango I feel like the whole Fashion File thing has really gotten over. They got a nice pop when it came down. But I wouldn’t mind if they would have won this thing I got to tell you. Give them a legitimate shot and then lose to The Usos or something.

It’s much easier to defeat Breezango than it’s gonna be, in writing and creatively, to beat Shelton and Chad. That’s my only thing here. Breezango could have somehow in creative funny way won. Just because they’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into the whole you know Fashion Files thing I just thought, a nice victory for him would have been pretty cool. That’s just how I see it.”

On Bobby Roode & Dolph Ziggler being in a real sh!tty spot at Hell In A Cell 2017:

“Bobby Roode calls out Dolph Ziggler. These guys had a good promo segment deal. There’s a rematch coming with these two guys. Now they’re gonna actually face each other I believe next week on SmackDown actually that’s what they said. I’d like to see them build this thing up a little more.

I think I said about these two guys that three out of five with these two guys would be awesome. I mean have them go and have a draw next week, like an old-school draw where there’s no finish, the time limit runs out and they’re just fighting and then it gets to the point where they both want to keep facing each other.

You know… Ziggler wants to face him and Roode wants a face Ziggler. And then eventually you do a gimmick where Daniel Bryan goes, “You know what? The hell with it. That’s three out of five” and just sprinkle them out. Spread those matches out with these two guys.

These guys are both workhorses. Let them be the workhorses. They’re damn good enough. Don’t bury them in the f***ing spot in the card that you did in Hell in a Cell because that was rough. They were in a really sh!tty spot. I think you got to be smarter than that and treat them a little bit special.

Card placement is very important, okay, and I remember like during my time they would have the females, the girls would be that bumper match you know where they wanted to bring the people down a little bit before the main event or it was something that was tough to follow, let’s put the girls there.

But that’s when female matches and thank God it’s not like this no more was very, um, kind of crass and lowbrow. They’re treating women wrestling so much better than they did years ago and I think he could call it the women’s revolution that Stephanie was behind it which I’m sure she was.

Now it’s a little different you know because everyone on the card can work, everyone on the card are legit wrestlers, male or female which is great. But then you get in a situation where you’re trying to bring the people down for a minute before you’re going through this big hound of cell and now you’re gonna just put you know Ziggler and Roode out there.

And I enjoyed the match and I enjoyed the roll up and roll up and roll up and roll up until the finish. I enjoyed that and I enjoy Ziggler getting his heat back right away at Hell in a Cell.”

Sting / Great Muta Contract Signing

Below is a video of Sting & The Great Muta’s contract signing that aired on July 15, 1989:

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