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Former nWo Member Feels He Has ‘One More Run’ Left In Him

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• Former nWo Member Feels He Has ‘One More Run’ Left In Him

Former nWo member Buff Bagwell was recently interviewed on an episode of ‘Insight with Chris Van Vliet’, where he stated that despite his age (52, he wants to wrestle again and has one more run in him.

Here’s what Bagwell had to say:

“I would love to wrestle again. I think I have got one more run left in me. I know I do. I know I have got a little bit of a career left.

I took a bump with crutches at the GCW Pay-Per-View a year ago. I took a superkick from Joey [Janela] and I took a good clean bump.”

Bagwell first joined Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling under his full real-name Marcus Alexander Bagwell in November 1991 and wrestled for WCW until the promotion was sold to Vince McMahon in March 2001.

He only had 1 televised match for the World Wrestling Federation in July 2001, before they let him go.

Buff recently revealed that he had to enter rehab and is sober now.

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• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Veteran “The Interrogator” Kurrgan (Real name: Robert Maillet) turns 53 today.

His biggest claim to fame in Pro-Wrestling came in 1997/1998 as a member of the World Wrestling Federation stables ‘The Truth Commission’ and ‘The Oddities’.

After his WWF release in 1999, Kurrgan started to wrestle on the indies, but when his Professional Wrestling career came to an end by the mid-00s, he turned into a Hollywood Actor.

He played minor roles in some famous movies such as Hercules, 300, Deadpool 2 and Sherlock Holmes.


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