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Former Tag Team Champions Reuniting Soon On RAW?


• Jinder Mahal Comments On Not Caring Enough Towards The End Of His 1st WWE Run

During a recent appearance on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal talked about his release from WWE in 2014, not caring enough towards the end of his 1st run in WWE & more.

Below are the highlights:

On his release from WWE in 2014:

“I knew that I had a good shot of coming back. I was on SmackDown TV when I was 24, I was released when I was 27 and came back at 29. A lot of people don’t get signed until they are my age right now, so I was fortunate enough to go through the experience, and the experience of making mistakes.

Not only in-ring experience, but life experience now. That was one thing that I lacked because I literally went from College to the WWE, I didn’t have a real life, or any real life experience. I am very fortunate, and very lucky, but also I missed learning a lot of lessons. The mistakes people make in their day to day jobs I was making those mistakes in WWE. But, fortunately enough I was given a second opportunity.”

On not caring enough towards the end of his first tenure:

“When I got released I had obviously a lot of regrets. I felt that in the end with 3MB I stopped caring, which is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make. I stopped caring because it was my thinking. I was playing the blame game. I felt that I didn’t have a good storyline, or I would dread coming to TV because I would be doing something I didn’t want to be doing.

I was put in that type of position because of me. I said this recently too, every WWE superstar is 100% of their career and where it goes. Whether you are in the main event, or opening match, or getting released, you are 100% in control of everything. I also said this, people always mention how someone has to get a push, it’s like, no, I didn’t ask for a push, I made the push.”

• Former Tag Team Champions Reuniting Soon On RAW?

WWE officials are planning to reunite former SmackDown Tag Team Champions Jason Jordan & Chad Gable since both of them are now on RAW, according to a report from Slice Wrestling.

While Kurt Angle mentioned this week on RAW that he didn’t bring Gable to RAW to team up with Jordan, it looks like WWE is going to go in that direction because of the RAW Tag Team Division having depth issues.

Speaking of Gable, he picked up an upset victory over Jinder Mahal on this week’s RAW. You can watch it in the video above.

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