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Former TNA Star Kicks a Fan in the Chest At An Indy Event

According to the Wrestling Observer, former TNA Star Gunner attacked a fan at a PWX Live Event in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on September 6.

The fan’s name is Adrian Rohr, who reportedly angered Gunner after writing negative posts about him on Social Media. It should be noted that Rohr is a regular live event spectator.

What further angered Gunner is the fact that fans were chanting “Dixie reject” at him. This led to Gunner kicking Rohr in the chest, in front of his young son. Gunner was easily able to do that because PWX has no barriers at ringside. In such cases, other wrestlers always support their fellow wrestler and not the fan. But this time, they knew that Rohr has always been respectful and “is not a nut in any way”.

Gunner posted the following statement online after this incident:
“And for the record, don’t be an idiot fan and step up to my ring. You will get kicked.”
This statement has since been deleted by Gunner.

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