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Former WCW Name Open To A WWE Return


• Will CM Punk’s Recent Lawsuit With Chris Amann Be Discussed On Some Else To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard?

One of the most watched shows on the WWE Network is “Something Else to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard” podcast which airs every Wednesday. It discusses many interesting topics. The show is set to feature the CM Punk/Chris Amann lawsuit this coming Wednesday.

Conrad Thompson, the co-host spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated and confirmed that the show will touch on the recent lawsuit in Chicago that saw Punk and Colt Cabana defeat WWE’s Dr. Chris Amann.

“Bruce wasn’t there for any of the lawsuit, but he was privy to the way ‘The Machine’ and specifically Vince McMahon thinks,” said Conrad. “I do want to examine a lot of the rumor and innuendo surrounding Punk’s release, and Bruce can give us a look into the mind of Vince McMahon. We’ll also talk about Bruce’s real-life experiences with CM Punk, and cover all of Punk’s run while Bruce was there. We’ll also cover those who were against Punk in the back, as it has been pretty evident that some people were big advocates and others who weren’t.”

When asked about the show’s status, he said:

“It’s either the end of season one or the grand finale, I guess we’ll see, but we’re going out with a bang.”

• Former WCW Name Open To A WWE Return

Former RAW General Manager & WCW President Eric Bischoff recently gave an interview to Sky Sports. He discussed many things and also noted that he was open for a WWE return if a situation was available which would work for him and everyone else.

“I would love to do it if it was a situation which would work for everybody, a character like mine, there is only so much you can do from a storyline perspective. You can be that heel authority figure which I was for a few years in WWE and WCW, and it’s interesting and it’s fun but after a while you’ve kind of done everything you can do creatively.”, Bischoff said.

He further added: “I’m pretty realistic about the value my character has now. I’d like to manage someone, a young talent that maybe doesn’t have the mic skills. I think that would be fun because I can still get heat.”

Bischoff made a brief appearance on the 25th anniversary of RAW where he got a huge pop from the crowd. He feels that he could also work as a mouthpiece for a young talent.

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