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Former World Champion Believes He’ll Return To WWE

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During a recent interview with Ringside News, former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger talked about his Title wins in WWE, winning the Money In The Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 26, his MMA career & more.

Below are the highlights:

On which title win in WWE meant the most to him:

“The ECW Title was really cool beating Matt Hardy for it. I had great feuds with Tommy Dreamer, Fit Finlay, and Christian. That was my first real taste with a title, it was really special. To hold the World Heavyweight Title with the list of men who’ve held it, it’s pretty special I’d have to put that above it. If you ask me, nothing beats working with Zeb Colter. I’d have to put working with him above the World Heavyweight Championship, he was that good.”

On what it felt like winning the Money In The Bank ladder match back at WrestleMania 26:

“I thought I was on a 100-foot ladder, and I was like, “I am not going up one more step.” It was so cool, it was a very special moment. The guys in that match really worked hard to help me get over and make me look like I could be a winner because that can be more important than actually having the briefcase. The fans have to believe it in their eyes. It was the last WrestleMania Money In The Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania. I get goosebumps just talking about it, it was very special, once again, thanks Christian.”

On his favourite & least favorite feuds in WWE:

“Well, my favourite feud was with Christian in ECW, otherwise he’ll get very angry with me. He was one of the first guys that I had worked with I didn’t know because he wasn’t with us in developmental and had just come back over from that other brand. We just clicked, we had this chemistry instantly. It was really cool to work with him especially being so young in my career. As far as my worst feud, Adam Rose and The Rose Buds. That whole month was just miserable.”

On where he will be wrestling while signed with Bellator:

“Jack Swagger, Jake Hager is going to be appearing on Lucha Underground in one to two weeks on The El Rey Network.”

On when fans can expect to see him in Bellator:

“I am going to fight in Bellator in 2018! The soonest fight would be the fourth quarter. November, December is the time frame I’m looking at, I am going to continue to wrestle until then. Then I bunker down and start doing two-a-days. It’s in the contract that 45 days out from the fight that I cannot do any more wrestling shows.”

On if he’ll return to WWE:

“Oh yeah, tons of things. It’s hard for me to look back with any regret. Its a lot of lessons. Something I didn’t accomplish, that’s on me, I’m not bitter about it. I am very thankful for my career there and I believe I will be back.”

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