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Former World Champion Says He’s Not Retired, Kevin Owens Says Mr. McMahon Talked A Lot Of Sh*t Before The Headbutt

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• Kevin Owens Says Mr. McMahon Talked A Lot Of Sh*t Before The Headbutt

During a recent appearance on Talk Is Jericho podcast, SmackDown Live Superstar Kevin Owens revealed what Vince McMahon was saying to him before getting headbutted:

“And then he starts talking so much sh*t. If you can read his lips, I was legitimately taken aback by it. So many swear words. People always ask me later, what was he saying when the mics were down? Was he telling you to make sure to get him good? In a way, but not in those words.”

You can watch the headbutt below:

• Former World Champion Says He’s Not Retired

During a recent interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, former World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry commented on his retirement reports & more. Below are the highlights:

On reports of him being retired:

“I am not retired. There is still a lot I can do.”

On his first appearance as a member of The Nation of Domination:

“That was the first time I was on television with the Nation. Dwayne was introducing me to Ron and said, ‘Hey, I got you a present. I got you the World’s Strongest Man.’ I was their heater, their enforcer, and I really wasn’t supposed to say anything. My job was to stand there and look big.

I said to Ron, ‘I’m here for you’ and Ron shouted, ‘Shut up! Nobody’s talking to you!’ I was like, ‘Oh sh*t, is he being serious?’ Afterward, Ron told me, ‘Later on, you’ll have all the opportunity in the world to talk. But I was in my moment, and you can’t step on somebody else’s moment.’ It took a second, but I understood what he meant. You can’t always make it about you. That was a learning experience.”

However, during an interview with PWInsider last year, Henry had the following to say regarding his retirement:

“I’m retired man, I’m an old guy. I want people to remember my best. I don’t want them to see my in my old age taking five segment bumps (laughing)…you know, different stuff. We’ll enjoy the retirement, fade away gracefully.

I’m retired until someone runs off at the mouth and I have to come and put them in their place. I’m like Ric Flair. I’m going to retire about seven or eight times.”

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