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Former WWE Champion ‘Hid Inhalers Under The Ring’ Due To His Asthma

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• Former WWE Champion ‘Hid Inhalers Under The Ring’ Due To His Asthma

WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2020 headliner, Batista, isn’t a big fan of US President Donald Trump.

He took to Twitter on Monday night to poke fun at a video of how Trump looked trying to breath after being diagnosed with COVID-19 last week.

A fan brought up The Animal’s problems with asthma, and asked him the following.

“Knowing you have asthma makes your work in the ring even more impressive. Ever have an attack mid-match? Was your inhaler kept at ringside?”

Batista revealed that he used to hide inhalers under the ring while wrestling as he’s asthmatic.

“I hid inhalers under the ring and with people working around the ring. I’m not kidding. The cold venues were my nightmare.”

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• Old School WWF Tag Team Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Tag Team Legend Demolition Smash (Real name: Barry Darsow) celebrates his 61st birthday today.

Between 1987 & 1991, Smash teamed up with Ax as Demolition and together they hold the record for the longest reign (478 days) as WWF/E World Tag Team Champions, a record that can never be broken, as those Championships were retired in 2010.

After the Demolition gimmick, Darsow became known as Repo Man in 1991, a character he portrayed till he left the WWF in March 1993.

During his later career in Ted Turner’s WCW, he was known as Blacktop Bully and later as “Mr. Hole-In-One” Barry Darsow.

In 2007, Ax & Smash reunited and from that point forward continued to wrestle as Demolition all over the independent scene, before they both retired in 2017.


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