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Former WWE Champion Questions If Top SmackDown Live Star Will Ever “Get There”, Jim Ross Believes Conor McGregor Will Earn A Massive Check From Vince McMahon In The Future, Kevin Owens Owns A Fan On Twitter, Interesting Stat Regarding Kurt Angle

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Former WWE Champion Questions If Top SmackDown Live Star Will Ever “Get There”

During a recent edition of E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, former WWE Champion Edge & Christian talked about Shinsuke Nakamura losing to WWE Champion Jinder Mahal at Hell In A Cell 2017. Below is what they had to say about this:

Christian: I think it was in a tough spot. It’s kind of hard. I mean, it’s the world title match. It should be able to follow anything. Yeah, it’s just I think when it’s on a card like that, it’s just put in a tough spot when you have a guy in Nakamura, like we talked about before, who is still trying to find his way to what he can be and he’s not quite there yet, but we’ve seen glimpses of it. And I think it was just kind of a tough spot.

Edge: It’s strange with Nakamura, man, because, like you’ve said, we’ve seen his matches with AJ Styles in New Japan Pro Wrestling and everything. With Randy Orton, I’ve seen it. But that match too, man, I really loved that match and after that, it’s like, anything else is going to be tough to live up to.

I mean, maybe Nakamura will “get there”. Maybe. Who knows? It’s a different beast entirely. People can blame it on booking, this, that, or the other. I don’t know. I think it’s weird. It just goes to show how different places to wrestle are completely different environments.

Jim Ross Believes Conor McGregor Will Earn A Massive Check From Vince McMahon In The Future

During a recent appearance on The Herd, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross commented on the possibility of UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor coming to WWE:

“I know that he’s an amazing performer and an amazing talent. I have great respect for the UFC, everything they do, and him. There’s no way you can convince me that Conor McGregor will not earn a massive check from Vince McMahon someday in the future.

It will not be a career deal, it would be a one-off special occasion, massive promotion, I would suggest maybe at a WrestleMania somewhere down the road. But the attraction is there, the marketing is there, the money is there, so why not make it happen? So I think Conor is guaranteed for that.

And I also think Conor’s not done in the octagon either, I think he’s a competitor. He likes to prove that he’s the alpha-male.”

Kevin Owens Owns A Fan On Twitter

SmackDown Live Superstar Kevin Owens recently owned a fan on Twitter:

Interesting Stat Regarding Kurt Angle

As we all know, Old School WWF Legend and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle will make his WWE in-ring return after 11 years tonight at TLC 2017 PPV.

This is obviously a special day for Angle due to his WWE in-ring return, but this day was already a lot special to Angle as he won his first World Title (WWF Title) 17 years ago today!

Angle defeated The Rock at No Mercy 2000 in a No DQ match to win his first WWF Title. You can watch the highlights from this match below:

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