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Former WWE Champion Says AJ Styles Helped Him By Paying For His Food Back In The Day

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• Former WWE Champion Says AJ Styles Helped Him By Paying For His Food Back In The Day

While speaking to Sportskeeda, former WWE Champion Seth Rollins recalled how AJ Styles helped him during their days on the indy circuit.

Below is what he said:

“The next night we were on another show. The town was about a 5-hour drive. Maybe 6-hour drive away from where I was. And obviously, AJ was a star, so obviously, the promoter got him a flight. My partner and I, we had driven.

We were on the same show, we didn’t interact on the show at all. But we went to eat dinner with a big group later that night and AJ picked up our meal tab. Because he knew that we were young guys just trying to make it in the industry and he still paid for our food when he didn’t have to. I told ‘Thank you. Anything you need, we’ll be there for you’ and stuff and he just told us to pass it on.

So, that’s something that stuck with me, when I was a young man and something that I try to do as I’ve moved into the next phases of my career is pass along the goodwill to the next generation.”

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