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Former WWE Diva Claims She Was Almost Raped During An Overseas WWE Tour, WWF Veteran Comments On How WWE Could’ve Made The WOKEN Matt Hardy Segment On Raw A Little Better

WWF Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy

• WWF Veteran Comments On How WWE Could’ve Made The WOKEN Matt Hardy Segment On Raw A Little Better

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, below is what WWF Veteran Taz had to say about the WOKEN Matt Hardy promo segment with Bray Wyatt on Raw:

“I’m happy personally for Matt. I haven’t really talked to Matt much since he has been in WWE but I know I’ve been in that position when you have a character you want to portray or that you know is your passion and what you can do so well and they’re just not letting you do it and it’s stuck inside you and you just want to bust it out and you’re just not allowed. It really drives you up the friggin’ wall. So I could see how this was probably driving him. This was probably driving him crazy. It had to be.

If it took this long for them to let him break out of it, I predict they’re gonna do the right thing with it as long as they listen to Matt. That’s the thing. They got to let Matt have some creativity on this and I hope that they’re allowing that because that will really help this thing big-time because at the end of the day, it was Matt Hardy’s vision along with, while he was in TNA, Jeremy Borash.

It was those two guys’ vision, but mostly Matt from what I understand. You gotta let Matt do this thing. You gotta let him just do it. Just let him do it the way he knows how to do it. Now which leads me to what they did on Raw because what they did with it was fine except for they did some things wrong.

What they did wrong was the lighting treatment around him which means obviously the way he was lit. What they should have done is basically not had him lit so bright and they should have put a filter or something on the lens or something there’s a way in the camera or some jazz.

They can put some kind of a dirty filter to make it look a little bit more gritty like they’ve always done with when he was in TNA. I think if they would have used a 7D camera, it would have worked out perfectly to make it look gritty or any other camera they could have used not just 7D to make it look gritty and make it look dirty, make it look nasty. It just looked too clean. It looked like typical WWE stuff. It looked like the backstage stuff they would do during WWF – Raw is War like from the mid 90s and late 90s or whatever the hell year it was.

That’s what it looked like. You know…whenever we see those cutaways like when there’s a wrestler walking to the ring and then it’s like b-roll footage where it’s like Dana Brooke is going to the ring and she’s gonna face Asuka and she has the secret to beat Asuka she told us earlier and then they show Dana talking while she’s on the way to ring. That’s b-roll footage. So that’s the way they shoot them and like, even in this day and age, it reminds me of that old WWF way of shooting.

To be frank, production-wise they really haven’t changed the show in years like I’m talking about a lot of years. The walks to the ring, backstage, going to commercial break, the way they do it I know when they’re going to breaks and it’s a two segments match, three segments match. Maybe for the audience that doesn’t jump out as much, but to me I know exactly when they’re going. I just think some of the stuff with the TV, it’s a lot of the same the way it’s done. Vince is just a creature of habit like a lot of us are and that’s what he wants, that’s what he’s used to do and that’s what he’s gonna do.

I just think maybe change it up a little bit here and there. It’s just the same. I think you got to shoot Matt a lot different than the way you shot him. I’d even go a step further, the first thing I thought about when I was watching was why is Matt endorsed, why is he backstage, why is he not on some farm like outside in the dark somewhere. Just put him in front of a friggin’ tree with a little spotlight on him like the Blair Witch project gimmick.

Give it a little grit, a little dirty. All that stuff that Matt did and Jeff did and all the broken stuff, it was never the camera working. It always looked like old film like 16 millimeter film or whatever. Like Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, when you look at the stuff Matt Hardy was doing in TNA that’s what it look like. That gritty, that grimy. You gotta capture that feel of who this Broken-Woken Matt Hardy is.

I liked that they showed some of the tweets from Matt that he’s snapping a little bit and they had the announcers read it, I thought that was a cool little touch. When Bray popped up….oh my god here we go, but then when Matt popped up, no one expected that. I thought it was great. I think WWE handled that part nice. Like I said, my whole deal is just lack of filter or dirty, grimy, gritty look of Matt. It looked just too way too clean.

His promo was spectacular and so was Bray’s. Bray had a line on his promo and he said something like – “I have a new life or I feel born again”. I can’t remember the exact sentence, but whatever it was, that’s perfect. I think that’s more of a shoot than anything because that will help Bray. I mean Sister Abigail thank lord is long gone and that was a short-lived gimmick snippets and that was not fun to witness. So that disappeared. But this is something that I think is gonna be a great angle.

And the thing is for those that remember this is something what they did….. Remember the Twitter beef that these two guys had… meaning Matt and Bray? I think Bray was in WWE and Matt was in TNA and it was something about God I remember talking about I think Matt Hardy was in like a barn and they were doing like some kind of a brawl on whatever it was and Matt tweeted something that had Bray and a lot of fans saying “Ah man it’s like hack” and I kind of think I even said something. I probably called him hacker.

Thing is this is cool because these two guys had Twitter beef back in the day. I definitely thought it was an awesome meaning to see Matt got this rebirth and what he’s doing. I’m very happy for him and I think it’s awesome.”

• Former WWE Diva Claims She Was Almost Raped During An Overseas WWE Tour

Vince Russo recently noted that a female wrestler told him back in the day that a male wrestler on the roster raped her. You can hear it below:

This led to former WWE Diva Shelly Martinez tweeting the following:

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