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Former WWE Star Challenges John Cena To A WrestleMania 34 Match, Nexus Members Reuniting For A Tournament

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• Billy Gunn Comments On Bart Gunn Getting Knocked Out At WrestleMania 15

During a recent appearance on The Steve Austin Show podcast show, DX Member Billy Gunn talked about Bart Gunn losing to Butterbean at WrestleMania 15, funny club story where Stone Cold & more.

Below are the highlights:

On why Bart Gunn lost to Butterbean at WrestleMania 15:

“I think it was a disaster all around and then you put him in there and the end result is WrestleMania with Butterbean. You put him in there with a professional fighter and it’s kind of like, ‘let’s put an end to Bart’s reign’, which, to this day, Bart still wants to fight him.

Taking boxing lessons is exactly where everything went away. There was no part of boxing and no part of fitness and it was, ‘ding, ding, ding, and start swinging.’ So whenever they started to set this up, and said, ‘hey, we’re going to have you do this. We’re going to have you get ready.’

And now he’s taking boxing lessons, so he comes out trying to box and Butterbean just ducks his head and swings them! Like, I think that’s what bothers Bart the most is he knows that messed it up. That was the thing that put the brakes on it because he’d be like, ‘oh, now I’ve got to go face him? Now I’ve got to learn how to box and move my feet and stuff.’ What brought you to the dance was those big old mittens! Just sling those around!”

On funny club story where Stone Cold made him and Bart dance:

“Steve made me dance… kicked the DJ guy out because Stone Cold’s here to spin some tunes and get out of here!’ He’s spinning tunes; he’s making me and Bart go and dance with people. It was highly suggested that if you’re going to spin tunes, that somebody’s going to dance, and it wasn’t going to be you along with the bigger lady over there.”

On what’s Bart doing now:

“He was a master electrician out at The Cape before he started getting into wrestling. Then when he got out of wrestling, no, he did this stint in Japan and it was a huge deal over there in Japan for eight, nine years, I think. And then, came back and redid all of his licensing. Now he’s a master electrician again, loving life.”

• Nexus Members Reuniting For A Tournament

Former Nexus members Justin Gabriel, Darren Young & Michael Tarver will be reuniting to compete in CHIKARA’s 2018 King of Trios tournament.

• Former WWE Star Challenges John Cena To A WrestleMania 34 Match

Former WWE Superstar Chavo Guerrero has issued a WrestleMania 34 challenge to the 16 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena.

Below is what Guerrero tweeted:

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