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Former WWE Star Comments On Not Getting Along With John Cena

John Cena - Doctor of Thuganomics

• Old School WCW Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WCW Veteran Buff Bagwell (Marcus Alexander Bagwell) celebrates his 49th birthday today.

Bagwell is famous for his time in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling from 1991 till it was bought by Vince McMahon in 2001.

During his WCW days, Buff was also a member of the famous nWo faction from 1996 to 1999.

In 2001, the World Wrestling Federation bought out his AOL Time Warner contract to sign him in time for the WCW/ECW Invasion storyline, but after only 1 televised match against Booker T on RAW, he was released again.


• Former WWE Star Comments On Not Getting Along With John Cena

In this flashback article, we take a look at an old shoot interview with former WWE Superstar Chris Masters, where he talked about his relationship with John Cena.

Below are the highlights:

Host: You got to work with John Cena again, now this time in WWE. What was it like working with John again?

Chris Masters: Uh, working with John. I liked working with John because of the energy around when he’s in the ring because he is the top draw. And like the thing is, me and John, we don’t necessarily get along on a personal standpoint whatsoever.

I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if he just thought I was a slacker or what it was. I don’t really even know where it stemmed from. But he didn’t take to me very kindly, so I just kind of returned the favor.

Although at the same time, I respect the man in a sense that I feel like he’s the right man for the job because I know the commitment it takes to be in that spot of being like the top guy in the company or the Champion.

Being on the road for a certain amount time, you see how time-consuming it is. I mean, the guy got like two days at home sometimes out of a month. So it’s like, you gotta have somebody with a good work ethic, who’s got his head on straight and who’s gonna be reliable. And Cena is the right guy. I mean he’s the right guy for that spot.

Although like I said, personally we just didn’t get along too well.

Host: Did his personality change? He got an ego or did he stay humble?

Chris Masters: I think Cena did a lot of changing over the years. I don’t know if it was a humble thing or anything like that. But when I first met him, he didn’t drink. I mean, he didn’t even drink.

So obviously being on the road and stuff like that and just hanging out through some of the guys and all that, he drank a lot. He always had a personality, a lot of charisma.

He’s not the type of guy to really let you win on a personal level. So I guess maybe that was why it was hard for me and him to necessarily communicate or anything like that.

Just because when you’re traveling with these people as often as we do, it’s like, I try to tap into some of the personal aspects of the people I’m with. I mean I talked to them about real sh*t and Cena, he’s the business man.

I mean, it was like…professional. You don’t know if he has a girlfriend or if he doesn’t. He doesn’t talk about that kind of stuff.

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