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Former WWE Star Is Questioning Transgender People’s Identities

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WWF / WWE fans will remember old school territory wrestler ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell as Uncle Zebekiah (WWF), the manager of The Blu Brothers in 1995 and the manager of Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw (later known as JBL) in 1996.

He was also known as Zeb Colter (WWE), who managed Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro in 2013 & 2014 and also Alberto Del Rio in 2015.

In a now deleted Tweet, he asked a question regarding transgender people’s identities.

Here’s what Dutch tweeted:

“Requesting help: If a transwoman (who is still biologically a male) still likes women s*xually, what would she be? A lesbian or straight?

This LGBTQA+ alphabet is confusing me. Can we still talk about it without being labeled transphobic?”

In April 2023, Mantell tweeted the following:

“TWITTER is kind of dead tonight. So I’ll ask a nice question just to get it stirring. CAN MEN GET PREGNANT? Yes or no…+ explain. Serious question.”

Dutch further added:

“Pregnancy is not possible for transgender women as they lack a female reproductive system. As of 2019, uterus transplantation has not been successfully performed in transgender women.

Women who transition to living like men can get pregnant. They still possess female anatomy but they present as men. It’s confusing.”

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