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John Cena On Whether Pro Wrestling Has Improved Since He Joined The Business

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WWE Ruthless Aggression Era Legend John Cena was recently interviewed on an episode of ‘Hart To Heart’, where he spoke about the state of professional wrestling in general and how everything has changed since he broke into the business.

Here’s what Cena had to say:

“The business has changed so much since I started.

I think a whole lot better. Again, I’m thinking for you, I bet you comedy’s changed from ’98 until now. That’s the biggest thing, it has grown exponentially.

To the point where, I always preface the NBA and the ABA in the ’70s, MLB in the late ’70s and ’80s, pro football in the ’80s.

Like pro football now, it’s an operation. The NBA now is an operation, MLB’s an operation.

WWE’s kind of followed the same trajectory where it is this massive, globally-reaching entertainment juggernaut that can show up anywhere.

We’ve been to AT&T Stadium in Dallas and I’ve performed in Afghanistan and everywhere in between.

I think as you have more success, and especially as they cast as a PG net, it’s a generational product.

As the company grows, it’s trying to gain more of a following, it’s trying to gain more of a fanbase, a general fanbase, so you have to act accordingly.

The great news, I feel, is the talent are better taken care of, they’re more professional. They’re more understanding, they’re not as wasteful, they’re a lot smarter. They’re a lot healthier.”

John Cena made his WWE debut in 2002, answering Kurt Angle’s open challenge on SmackDown and then became an evil rapper towards the end of that year, which eventually made him a big star and turned him back into a babyface in late 2003.

Cena won his first World Title in 2005, when he defeated JBL in the co-main event of WrestleMania 21 to become the new WWE Champion … and the rest – so they say – is history.

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