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Rob Van Dam On Why He Doesn’t Work With His Wife In The Ring

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After working for Paul Heyman’s ECW from 1996 until it closed its doors in January 2001, Rob Van Dam joined the World Wrestling Federation a few months later and became a household name and even a main eventer, several years before winning the WWE Championship in 2006.

Mr. Monday Night stayed with WWE until 2007, then wrestled for Dixie Carter’s Total Nonstop Action! (TNA) from 2010 to 2013 and returned to WWE for a 2nd run (2013-2014) with the company.

He returned to IMPACT Wrestling (fka TNA) for another run (2019-2020) and is now a free-agent, but recently told NBC Sports that he’d actually be happy to return to WWE.

During his last run with IMPACT, RVD had his real-life wife Katie Forbes in his corner as his valet, but she’s also an active female professional wrestler.

However, during a recent episode of his ‘One Of A Kind’ podcast, the former WWE Champion revealed that the two don’t get into the ring together a lot.

Here’s what Van Dam had to say about his wife:

“I’ve been in the ring with her very few times, because I’m so stiff, and right away, when I met her, and the first couple of times I went to a wrestling school with her, it was in LA, Santino Brothers, she’s going up on the top rope and jumping off, doing a springboard off the middle and landing on the guy, doing a hurricanrana.

I’m like ‘Holy crap!’. I couldn’t believe that she was doing all these moves. I was like ‘Wow. You’re acrobatic, that’s amazing’.

Even when she’s at shows and has her matches, a lot of times she’d rather me not be there because, I don’t know, she thinks she’s going to disappoint me?

Because I mean, I’m just, maybe because I don’t want to also just say ‘Hey, great job. Great job’. I’m just like ‘Do you want some advice that can maybe help you get better?’.

And a lot of people hearing that, as much as it can help, I think sometimes, that makes her nervous, because she knows that I have higher standards than her peers at these all-girl wrestling shows that she’s doing.”

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