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Former WWE Tag Team Champion Was Legitimately Scared To Wrestle Kane

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During an interview on the ‘Wrestling Shoot Interviews’ YouTube channel, former WWE Superstar Heath Slater opened up about a match early in his WWE run against WWF Legend ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane.

Slater revealed that he was legitimately scared to wrestle The Undertaker’s kayfabe brother back then.

Here’s what the former Nexus member had to say about facing Kane:

“You can’t tell because you know you try to hide those emotions and you gotta look ready.

Man I was scared sh*tless out there, I didn’t know what the hell was happening. I was literally just hoping for the best you know.

You gotta remember man, I was on TV maybe 5 times and they’re just like ‘lets see if this guy can get burned or not’.”

Heath Slater wrestled for the WWE from 2010 until they let him go in 2020.

His biggest accomplishments were winning the WWE Tag Team Championship 3 times with Justin Gabriel and winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championship once with ECW Legend Rhyno.

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