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Former WWE Women’s Champion Not Happy With WWE Trying To Be A Monopoly

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• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (January 08, 1984) – WWF Wrestling At The Chase

On this day in 1984, the World Wrestling Federation aired another episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF Wrestling At The Chase’.

The ‘Wrestling at the Chase’ TV show was originally associated with the ‘St. Louis Wrestling Club’ NWA territory, so they featured the NWA Wrestling Superstars, but in the fall of 1983, the TV channel KPLR-TV, Channel 11 ended the relationship with the National Wrestling Alliance and started to negotiate a deal with the World Wrestling Federation, the promotion that ended up taking over the famous TV show.

This episode was pre-taped in St. Louis, Missouri and featured matches & interviews on the road to the first ever WrestleMania event.

You can find the card below:

– Mr. Fuji vs. James Burk

– Mil Mascaras vs. Gilbert Guerrero

– Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson vs. Bill Dixon & Jerry Valiant

– Interview: Hulk Hogan

– Interview: David Schultz

– Interview: Ivan Putski

– Interview: Big John Studd

– Interview: Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch

– Andre the Giant vs. Black Demon

– Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch vs. Terry Daniels & Rob Chaney

• Former WWE Women’s Champion Not Happy With WWE Trying To Be A Monopoly

During a recent interview with WrestlingInc, former WWE Women’s Champion and Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer Gail Kim talked about WWE signing a lot of female wrestlers and trying to be a monopoly.

Below is what Gail said:

“WWE is basically scooping up all the talent and making it really difficult. They say they want competition and like competition, but I don’t believe that. They are trying to make this a monopoly.

I don’t think that’s proven to be a successful formula. You should let people do it the old school way and let everyone chase after their dreams and give them good-money contracts instead of giving 50 low-money contracts. I think this way they’re doing it is not great for the talent out there.”

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