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Former WWE Women’s Champion Shoots On Stephanie McMahon Not Caring About Women’s Revolution Back In The Day

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• Shawn Michaels Returns On Tonight’s RAW

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels will return on tonight’s episode of RAW to talk about the upcoming ‘Last Time Ever’ match between The Undertaker & Triple H.

Below is what WWE posted regarding this:

Shawn Michaels weighs in on Triple H and The Undertaker’s WWE Super Show-Down match

“Stone Cold Steve Austin, Christian, Ric Flair and other WWE Legends have already weighed in on the final battle between Triple H and The Undertaker at WWE Super Show-Down on Oct. 6, but we’ll soon hear from WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, who’s making his return to Team Red this Monday.

HBK has a long history of in-ring competition with both The Deadman and his longtime friend Triple H, and he even served as the Special Guest Referee of their End of an Era Hell in a Cell Match at WrestleMania XXVIII. Will The Showstopper take sides as The Cerebral Assassin and The Phenom prepare to collide one last time?”

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• Former WWE Women’s Champion Shoots On Stephanie McMahon Not Caring About Women’s Revolution Back In The Day

During a recent interview with MLW Radio’s Press Slam, former WWE Women’s Champion Gail Kim gave her views on WWE focusing on their female wrestlers and her thoughts on Stephanie McMahon focusing so much on women power nowadays.

Below are the highlights (credit to Rinsidenews for transcription):

On Stephanie McMahon not doing anything for ‘Women’s Evolution’ back in the day:

“For me, it wasn’t really like- I want the girls there; I love all the girls there that are in WWE. I mean, I haven’t met all of them obviously because I’ve been gone a long time, but wrestling is a small world. I’m a fan of some of these girls and I support them. I want them to do what I couldn’t do there. I’m happy for them.

But then when- it’s just for me, I don’t like the fact that Stephanie McMahon will all of a sudden say like ‘women power’ and ‘the revolution’ but she has been there the entire time. Like why are you just completely changing your mind and dismissing the fact that you’ve never spoke of this before?

That’s the part that I don’t like. But I get that that’s business, that’s marketing. That’s the time- the era of right now. I understand why it is happening, but I don’t particularly agree with it- in terms of her being so for women power when she wasn’t before.”

On wanting men & women to be paid equally:

“Well definitely the time. The fans asked for the Divas to have a chance. I remember that clearly, and I remember Vince responding and saying, ‘We hear you.’ I mean – but we are making steps towards the right thing and they’re doing the right things in terms of actually using the women now and hiring a lot of women now, but the next step is for them to get paid equally. If they have the main event spot of the Royal Rumble, then they should be paid accordingly. I’m not sure if it’s happening, but I’m gonna have to say I doubt it.”

On if she would accept a WWE Hall of Fame induction:

“Listen, yeah I don’t want to wrestle there ever again. Obviously because I’m retired [being the] number one [reason]. But even if I had a match or two left in me I don’t see the point in- you know, a lot of people- these WWE diehards get really upset about that- in terms of them thinking I’m insulting the company or something like that.

But I don’t think anyone in their right mind who had two bad experiences in the same company- who would go back for a third time? I kind of left my career on a happy note so why would I go back and take a chance of having those people who didn’t treat me well- have that be the last reminder to the fans of what they remember of me. That is a question that would have to be crossed if it ever happened.”

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