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Former WWE Wrestler Arrested Prior To ALL IN

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• Old School Wrestling Promoter Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Wrestling Promoter Jerry Jarrett celebrates his 76th birthday today.

He used to be the promoter of Memphis Wrestling (CWA / USWA) alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler from 1977 till 1995.

Jerry is also the father of legendary Old School Wrestler “Double J” Jeff Jarrett.


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• Former WWE Wrestler Arrested Prior To ALL IN

ALL IN took place in Chicago, Illinois this past Saturday. It was a special event for many people in the pro wrestling industry. While many wrestlers attended the event, one of the brains behind the production could not attend it.

Former WWE wrestler Joey Mercury couldn’t make it to the show due to the fact that he got arrested. The Schaumburg police department of Illinois arrested him outside the Marriot Schaumburg.

According to PWInsider, Mercury was living in a hotel in Chicago but he was sleeping in his car for some reason. Police arrived on the scene after getting a notice that a male was sleeping in a vehicle at the Marriot.

The Police approached Mercury and ran his information and discovered that he was wanted for an outstanding warrant in Orange County, Florida. He was then arrested for the warrant.

The Police hasn’t disclosed the charges on Mercury yet but he is being held on a $2,500 bail in Cook County Correctional Facility. The court hearing is scheduled to take place today.

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