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Former WWE Wrestler Says He Was An Idiot Towards The End Of His Run, Appreciates WWE For Helping Him Get Clean

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (June 14, 2013) – Old School WCW Veteran Passed Away

On this day in 2013, we lost Old School WCW Veteran Al Green (Real name: Alfred Dobalo) at the age of 57 due to COPD.

In 1990 & 1991, Al wrestled as “Blade”, teaming with Steel (Kevin Nash) as ‘The Master Blasters’, before in 1992 Green changed his name to “Rage”, one half of ‘The Wrecking Crew’.

After touring Japan & Europe during the mid-90s, he returned to World Championship Wrestling in the summer of 1998 and wrestled for them until he was released in march 2000, but was used for the most part as a ‘Jobber To The Stars’ during his final WCW run.


October 15, 1955 – June 14, 2013

• Former WWE Wrestler Says He Was An Idiot Towards The End Of His Run, Appreciates WWE For Helping Him Get Clean

During a recent interview with Orlando Sentinel, former WWE wrestler Adam Rose talked about his upcoming retirement match against Bull James (Bull Dempsey in WWE NXT) this Friday at Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling, how he was an idiot towards the end of his WWE run & more.

Below are the highlights:

On his retirement match being against Bull James:

“We haven’t seen each other in a while, but I couldn’t have picked anyone better to do it with. He was there for the birth of Adam Rose, and in a world where you make many acquaintances, he’s one of the few true friends I’ve made in the wrestling business. It hasn’t hit me yet that this is the end. I think I’ll be more emotional when I’m in the ring and it actually happens. But it’s time to go.”

On being an idiot towards the end of his WWE run:

“I was an idiot at the end – a moron, a bumbling buffoon. I made mistake after mistake, a lot of them out of self-sabotage because I was so unhappy. I developed a drug addiction and just acted out in every way. The fact that WWE let me leave on what I consider good terms and helped me get clean is a miracle.

When they told me [I was going to the main roster], I was petrified. NXT saw Adam Rose at his best; they saw the character grow up, all the way back from when I was [former character] Leo Kruger.

Everyone who goes to Full Sail knows how special it is there. For some of us, it’s the best place for us, because once the [WWE] machine eats you up and spits you out, you know it. Nothing prepares you for the day-to-day life on the road. But how many people get the opportunity to have that opportunity?”

On All Elite Wrestling shaking things up in the world of Pro-Wrestling:

“I’m really happy that more companies are coming up to compete with WWE. Everything is better when there’s competition – the creative teams push each other, wages go up, everybody’s happier, so they work harder.”

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