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Former WWF Superstar Claims There Was A Lot Of Racism In The Company In The 90s

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• Former WWF Superstar Claims There Was A Lot Of Racism In The Company In The 90s

Old School WWF Veteran Ahmed Johnson is well known of blaming pretty much everyone of being racist, whenever things don’t go his way, so everything he says about such topics can be taken with a grain of salt.

Here’s what the Pearl River Powerhouse told Lucha Libre Online about his WWF career:

“There was a family issue that needed my attention, but, on top of that, there were other things going on behind scenes that didn’t sit right with me. I started noting a lot of racism going on. It called me not wanting to be there, and back off.

There’s a big difference between being here today being and the 90’s. I’m glad I opened the doors for this to get started. The thing was that Vince McMahon wasn’t sure that the African American talent could bring him money, but now they know they can. Now they know they can bring you money. Now they know they can bring you money, they’re booking them left and right.

Back in the 90’s, they weren’t sure that they should’ve put the belt on me to see how much money I would draw. We went to an unbelievably part in terms of where finances go. I even went to the top of the card. It’s a matter of making money.”

Ahmed Johnson actually accomplished becoming the first ever black Intercontinental Champion in 1995, when he defeated Goldust at the King of the Ring PPV.

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