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Former WWF Writer On Raw Roster Being Made To Look Like A Bunch Of Pu$$ies, Former WWE Wrestler Thinks SmackDown Live Is Going To Lose All Matches At Survivor Series 2017

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During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, former WWF writer Vince Russo, former WWE wrestler “Big” Vito LoGrass, Kenny Bolin & Jeff Lane discussed last week’s opening segment of Raw between Kurt Angle & Stephanie McMahon. Below is the discussion:

Russo: I want somebody to explain to me – I know I wrote dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of episodes when somebody was locked out of the building and somebody was barred from the building.

And many times it was Mr. McMahon locking Stone Cold out of the building. The reason why Mr. McMahon locked Stone Cold out of the building was because Mr. McMahon didn’t want to get his a$$ kicked and he was afraid of Austin. That’s why he would have security at every entrance. Don’t let this lunatic in the building.

Here they don’t even know what they’re doing. They open up this show by telling us Raw has secured the building so that there isn’t another hostile takeover by the SmackDown crew.

So what does that tell me off the bat? Well, I guess the whole Raw roster is filled with a bunch of pu$$ies because they should have the doors wide opened inviting these guys in, waiting for these guys to come in based on what they did to them last week.

But no, the announcers made it clear the doors are secured, security’s around all the doors to keep the SmackDown guys out. So the first thing I’m saying is – Are these guys a bunch of pu$$ies? Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins… that this entire roster that they got to lock the freakin’ doors because they’re afraid of SmackDown?

This is minutiae that freaking Vince McMahon doesn’t even see. He’s just pu$$ied out his entire Raw roster that they have to have security to keep out the SmackDown brand. So right off the bat you freaking lost me because why am I gonna spend three hours watching a show full of pu$$ies.

Jeff: It was the same thing in the promos.They did the same thing by having Kurt Angle say – “I’m sorry, I put you in harm’s way” like he’s talking to a bunch of children. And then Stephanie of course comes out and castrates Kurt like she always does. That whole thing was just a mess.

Kenny: Yeah, Kurt looked like he was worth about fifty cents by the time that thing ended. It was very, very bad. And number one – you would have thought Raw would have gone directly to SmackDown the next night and at least made an attempt.

Maybe send their top ten stars or something over there with an attempt to get back at them. Then I told….. maybe they’re just gonna save it for week, maybe it’s just too soon to go do that. Now maybe that’s their way of thinking, but it just didn’t make any sense to me.

And you’re right, it does look like they’ve made the entire roster a bunch of pu$$ies. And I don’t know what possibly you could be gaining out of that. Makes SmackDown look pretty strong.

Vito: I think Stephanie coming out to start the show was the ratings getter. Just to get the people’s attention that something big is gonna happen. She cut her Stephanie McMahon usual promo about she is in charge, she’s running issues, Raw is the number one brand, how a father built it, how they’re gonna be successful.

But I could say this after watching the show, I think that the SmackDown brand is gonna lose every match at Survivor Series just to get redemption.

Russo: I don’t know how Stephanie can make the comment that Raw is the superior brand when they lock in the door so they don’t get attacked. And Vito, I gotta disagree with you there. Stephanie is a ratings draw to who? Is there anybody that likes Stephanie?

As a television show, I can’t stand her character. It’s freaking one-dimensional. It’s yelling and screaming. It’s cutting everybody’s balls off. There’s never a freakin’ payback. Obviously still there was no ratings because their ratings were lower this week than they were last week.

Vito: I didn’t look at the ratings, but I’ve my assumption. And right, she is one-dimensional. She does have one way of talking. And yes, according to you, Kenny and Jeff, yeah the Raw roster did look like a bunch of wusses.

But you got to look at it from the way they’re booking and their perspective. They’re taking a beating. They’re gonna get the big Coupe de Gras at the Survivor Series when they wipe the street with SmackDown. That’s their thinking right now.

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