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Gangrel Opens Up About His Altercation With Ric Flair


During a recent appearance on THE HANNIBAL TV, former WWF Superstar Gangrel opened up about his altercation with “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Below is what he said:

“Flair! I don’t know what his issue was with me. He’s always been like snob and kind of short with me. We’re there, I had my wife at the time. We’d just eaten. I had a drink and she says,”I want to go have a glass of wine in the bar”.

I could hear Flair in the bar. So, we go in the bar. He’s in the back corner. He’s drinking with some girls. He’s getting loud at party. Well, Brian Christopher comes down. I was talking to Shannon Moore or somebody. Brian Christopher comes down and I go…

“Hey Brian, where are you going?”
“I don’t feel good.”
“What’s wrong with you?”

So, he pukes all over. I was like “Oh! My pants, tennis shoes” I’m hot about it. I’m hard, you know. But I gotta cover this up. So I asked my girl “take Brian” because she’s friends with Brian. “I’m gonna clean this up before anybody sees”. Before she could take Brian up.

Flair comes out “Whooooo! Little honey, you sit right here” or whatever’s his job is. He sat her down I just looked at him “Alright motherf*****”. I let that go because she was trying to handle this mess. Then the guy at reception came down and took Brian to his room.

Gangrel Debut (HEAT 1998-08-16) by WWFOldSchool

Now while this is going on I’m trying to clean this friggin’ puke up, you know. And then Flair’s line like Shannon Moore and a couple people up on the bar. He’s over there like “You’re lucky to be on my tour, to be a part of this”. He just sounded mean. He started finger poking me.

He starts poking on me, “And you! You never f***ing was, never will be”. That’s it. I had it. You know how after all the years you had to take it when you’re coming in you smile and “Yes sir, no sir”.

I’ve got nothing to lose now. So, “No, f*** you! Motherf*****.” But I said “sir” like my wife’s “I never seen you so mad and say sir after every curse word” because I called him Sir. I poked him all the way back across from “I whip your old a$$, I’ve been paid three months ago for his tour, I don’t give a s***, I don’t need this money on this show”.

I was hard. And I was paid. I was already done. I took him all the way back down and Bischoff was with him and Knobbs and they’re like “oh no! yes Bobby’s gonna beat him up. He’s crazy. Okay let it let it go”. And then I got Flair, I backed them all across the bar. I got my fingers in his face- “I’ll whip your f****** a$$ if you ever talk to me like that.”

I felt bad later because you know, when I started thinking of the age, he is kind of old. But he started it. You know there’s just all those years things built-up. Him just being nasty like turning his shoulder on me. But yeah that was.. I didn’t hit him or anything.

Hogan made them come apologize the next day.”

You can watch the interview below:

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