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GoFundMe Launched For Shotzi’s Sister (Details)

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On last week’s episode of SmackDown, Bayley defeated Zelina Vega. After the match, Shotzi appeared on the titantron and cut her hair off, and teased a new character.

You can watch it below:

In reality, Shotzi shaved her head to show support for her sister, who has cancer.

Below is a photo of Shotzi’s sister:

Shozti Sister Cancer Shaved Head

Shotzi wrote the following on her Instagram story:

“I love you sister! You are my inspiration!”

A GoFundMe has been launched for Shotzi’s sister, with the following written in the description:

“We’ve created a go fund me to help Shawn with her recovery from surgery and whatever else she needs during her battle with cancer.

For our friends and family who aren’t aware, Shawn got diagnosed with Liver Cancer during the holidays and will be going into treatment starting this week.

Liver cancer is rare and is a type of Cancer that chemo therapy can’t cure alone. So she’s scheduled to get a hepatectomy, and will have a portion of her liver removed – about 1/4 – 1/2. So we are hoping to raise enough funds to help her during this treatment and recovery period as she has been out of work while she’s on the mend.

We are praying for Shawn’s speedy recovery, and we know she’s going beat cancers ass.

We thank you in advance for your contribution and for being a rad human beings.

With Love,

Shawn’s family and Friends.”

Karrion Kross tweeted the following about it:

“For those out of the know,

This is Shotzi’s sister.

We’re coming together to support.

If you’d like to jump on board,

Here’s where you can help.

Thank you for reading.”

As of this writing, $16,715 have been raised from 300 donations, with the goal being $30,000.

Tap here to go to GoFundMe to donate.

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