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8. Scott Hall Booted From An Airport Bar For Calling The Bartender A “B!tch”
TMZ is reporting that WWE Hall of Famer “Razor Ramon” Scott Hall was booted from an airport bard as he was hitting on a bartender and called her a “b!tch”. Hall then had an argument with the Bartender’s father (who was also present there) and the manager of the bar. Police was finally called when Hall refused to leave. Below is what TMZ reported:

Pro wrestler Scott Hall was disqualified from a T.G.I. Friday’s for being drunk, rowdy and disrespectful to the bartender. A witness tells us Hall was at the Friday’s in the Atlanta airport on Saturday … drinking Coors Lights and tequila shots. He allegedly hit on the bartender and called her a bitch, and that’s when trouble started brewing with the bartender’s father … who was at the bar.

We’re told Hall didn’t believe the guy was really her dad, and a manager stepped in and asked him to leave — when he refused, someone called cops.

Law enforcement sources tell us officers responded to the intoxicated person call. They recognized Hall as his former wrestling alter ego, Razor Ramon … shook his hand and calmed the situation. You can see in the video though, Scott didn’t want to give up his beer easily.

We’re told Scott left without further incident and no police report was filed.

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