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Goldberg On If He’s Tarnishing His Legacy By Continuing To Wrestle

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• Goldberg On If He’s Tarnishing His Legacy By Continuing To Wrestle

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg was recently interviewed by American Monster Productions, where he talked about performing in WWE in his 50s.

Below is what the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion said:

“You want to leave at the top, right? You want to leave the biggest, baddest son of a b*tch, period. But guess what? My thought process changed when I became a guy that’s 50 years old that can still do this sh*t.

I used to talk about Ric Flair being over 40 and how goofy he was wrestling. Now I’m 53 right now and I just got done, that’s ridiculous. The fact is, the way I look at it now, there is me then and there is me now, and show me another 53 year old dude who can do it. Give me a month, the guys only give me three weeks every time anyway, give me an extra week, give me a month, I’ll show you what I can look like. Not many people can do that at 53 years old with a lot of things contributing to it, mainly injuries, especially what I’ve been through.

I’m not tarnishing what I used to do, because I’m a different person now. I’m older now. I’m giving you a different version. Sure as sh*t I’m not 300 pounds and I can’t press 300 pound guys over my head like I used to. But show me a 53 year old man who can do that. There ain’t any.”

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (August 13, 2007) – WWF Veteran Passed Away

On this day in 2007, we lost Old School WWF Veteran Crush (Real name: Brian Adams) at the age of 43 due to a painkiller overdose.

Crush became the 3rd member of Demolition in 1990, but stayed with the World Wrestling Federation after the team’s demise in 1991, using several gimmicks until he left in late 1997.

In early 1998, he joined Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling, where he immediately joined the famous New World Order (nWo) faction.

During his final year in WCW, as well as during his very brief WWF return, Brian Adams was put in a Tag Team with Bryan Clark (fka Adam Bomb), called KroniK.


April 14, 1964 – August 13, 2007

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