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Goldberg Praises Riddle, Interested In Facing Him In A Match

Bill Goldberg vs Matt Riddle

• Goldberg Praises Riddle, Interested In Facing Him In A Match

Despite RAW wrestler Riddle publicly insulting WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg on multiple occasions, the WCW Legend still went on to praise him.

During a recent interview with DAZN, Goldberg had the following to say about Riddle:

“The cocky kid spouting off his mouth in the beginning, and I didn’t appreciate it very much by any stretch of the imagination. But the guy has put in a lot of frickin’ hard work and he has dedicated his life to this business.

Whether I like him as a human being or not, I have to understand and appreciate his passion for the business and his work ethic. Because he works hard and that I appreciate as an athlete and as a human.

Is he a prick sometimes? Absolutely. But that’s him. That’s his character, and so am I.”

When asked if he’s interested in facing Riddle in a match, Goldberg said yes. Goldberg also noted that he’s interested in facing Roman Reigns and John Cena as well.

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (August 16, 2009) – TNA Hard Justice 2009

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on August 16, 2009, Total Nonstop Action aired ‘TNA Hard Justice 2009’ LIVE on PPV from the TNA Impact! Zone at the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

This was the 5th Hard Justice pay-per-view by TNA, but from 2010 onwards it was renamed Hardcore Justice.

Here are the results:

Steel Asylum: Christopher Daniels defeated Alex Shelley, Amazing Red, Chris Sabin, Consequences Creed, D’Angelo Dinero, Jay Lethal and Suicide

$50,000 Bounty Challenge: Abyss defeated Jethro Holliday (Trevor Murdoch)

Feast or Fired briefcase: Hernandez defeated Rob Terry

IWGP Tag Team Championship: The British Invasion (c) defeated Beer Money, Inc.

TNA Women’s Knockout Championship: Cody Deaner & ODB defeated The Beautiful People

TNA X Division Championship: Samoa Joe defeated Homicide (c)

Falls Count Anywhere – TNA World Tag Team Championship: The Main Event Mafia (c) defeated Team 3D

TNA Legends Championship: Kevin Nash defeated Mick Foley (c)

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Kurt Angle (c) defeated Matt Morgan and Sting

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