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“Goldberg Should Try MMA” – King Mo

Goldberg WCW


King Mo discussed his training with former World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg on Submission Radio and he thinks Goldberg should get into MMA. He also gave his views on this year’s Royal Rumble match.

Here are the highlights from the show:

Training with Bill Goldberg at ATT

“Well first of all man, he’s a fast learner. He has some crazy power, great athlete, very knowledgeable. Like it shocked me, because like a lot of guys in pro wrestling, they know this stuff, but they’re kind of like, you know they’re kind of quiet about it. He’s a fan of the sport, he studies it. I don’t know just mechanically he’s good. I hope he gets a chance to fight. And I wouldn’t mind bringing him in to my next camp if I fight at heavyweight. I’d bring him in to help me train for my next fight.”

Possibly bringing Bill Goldberg in for his next training camp

“It’s like this, not for sparring; ’cause like I don’t wanna get hit by him. I’ve watched him throw a one-two. So if he touches me, I’d be in pain or wouldn’t feel nothing ’cause I’d be sleeping. My needs are for body positioning because he’s so strong, so quick and explosive and athletic that against the cage; like when I try and grab him, he just threw me off like I was like a little flea. He just threw me.”

“So if I can like grab a hold of him and like make him carry my weight and just stay there, and just stay consistent on someone that strong and explosive, then I can do it to anybody. So I’d bring him in for that purpose, and probably just like moving around and work on my defence; ’cause man he’s pretty quick. And he has snap in his punches and he hits so hard. I just don’t wanna get hit by him.”

Whether Goldberg should fight some amateur/exhibition fights

“I would like to see him get in an MMA fight. First of all, the amateur fight, I wouldn’t go out and fight that. For what? You know what I’m saying? Like no one’s going to fight him and if they try and fight him, they’ll be somebody with experience that fought before, and lie, and tries to like take his head off. They’ll pay miserably, but you know what, put him out there and let him fight on Spike TV. You know, why not? Let him fight on Spike TV. Let him headline a card. ‘Cause he has a big following, he’s a superstar, a big fan base. If I were Bellator I’d be talking to him like “hey if you wanna fight let’s [do it]“. You know, Anybody. If you’re World Series of Fighting or somebody I’d be like “hey if you want to fight, we’d love to put you on the card”. Because MMA is entertainment. It’s not a true sport. It can’t be, because there’s no true feeder program. Like in boxing, and track and field, and basketball and everything, they have feeder programs. Usually the best stick to the top. In MMA I could get a guy that’s like a swimmer with a good name and be like “hey do you want to fight?”. I’ll get Michael Phelps and train him, and be like “hey Michael Phelps could fight” and then everybody would wanna fight him because he’s a name. You know, it’s entertainment. There’s no true feeder program. You got guys that are Jiu Jitsu world champions that have to get fights before they can actually be broadcast on TV. So it’s about entertainment, it’s about getting eyes on you. It’s not really about who’s the best fighter, it’s about getting eyes on you and when you fight, being entertaining.”

If he is interested in having Brock Lesnar come to Bellator

“You know it’s whatever he chooses to do. You know because Pro Wrestling’s not easy. I wouldn’t mind seeing Brock in Bellator. That’d would be cool. I wouldn’t mind seeing anybody that’s supposed to help Bellator, help MMA as a whole. Because one thing about the UFC and one thing about these other organisations is they’re too worried about just promoting just their organization instead of the actual sport itself, or the actual event itself. Like you saw at the last Bellator fight they showed Luke Rockhold and a few of the other UFC fighters [and] Dan Henderson in the crowd. It’s about promoting MMA. At Basketball games you’ll see them show football players or famous actresses in the crowd. You know, same thing in football games. You’ll see UFC or Basketball players on the sidelines. You know, world cup they showed Kobe Bryant at the world cup. Man, like forget the brands, let it be about the fighters and about the sport.”

Thoughts on this year’s Royal Rumble match

“You know what, I wish Bubba Ray [Dudley] was in later on. I wish they would bring back Diamond Dallas Page. I wish like they would bring back more old wrestlers to do it. I wish they increased the number from 30 to maybe like 40. You know certain things and make it a faster a pace, because after a while you saw all the big guys and they were just slumbering. It wasn’t fast paced enough. Like after people watch Wrestle Kingdom 9, and after they watch like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and they see these independent shows; and they’re watching the Young Bucks and you know NXT. They’re watching the guys from that who wrestle, the pace is a lot faster. So now they have to step their game up, because I watched the Royal Rumble and I’m like “eh”. After the triple threat match I was like “eh, this is lame.”

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