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8. Bob Holly Talks About Being Named Thurman “Sparky” Plugg In WWF

During a recent appearance on the X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast, former WWF Superstar Bob Holly talked about being named Thurman “Sparky” Plugg in the WWF, Vince McMahon gifting him the car he used in vignettes and more. Below are the highlights:

On being named Thurman “Sparky” Plugg in WWF:

“People laugh at it. I’ll tell them, what am I going to tell these guys?! No?! I guarantee you if they gave you that name you wouldn’t tell them no, especially when that’s been your goal all your life. You wanted to be in WWF. You would take whatever name they gave you, whether it’s humiliating or not and just run with it.”

On Vince McMahon gifting him the race car he used in vignettes:

“He goes, no, I’m gonna let you have it. I’m going to sell it to you. I think he was screwing with me. He had to have been. I was in a panic because I was like, oh my God how am I going to get the money to pay for this? There’s no way. Even if they took it out of my pay I would end up with nothing for years and years and years.

I was freaking out. So then he goes, I’m going to sell it to you for a hundred dollars. I’m like, excuse me? He goes, a hundred dollars. I said no, I will sell it and get you your money out of all this equipment and give it back.

He goes, nope. It’s yours for a hundred dollars. I insist. Stay on the phone with my attorney and we’ll send you all the paperwork and blah, blah, blah, and he hung up. To this day I never saw that hundred dollars come out of my paycheck.”

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