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Goldust Reacts To Bruce Prichard Saying Nobody Gave A Sh*t About The Dustin Rhodes Character

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On a recent episode of his Something To Wrestle podcast, Bruce Prichard talked about why the Goldust character is better than “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes character.

While talking about this topic, Prichard said nobody gave a sh*t about ‘Dustin Rhodes’.

Below is what Prichard said:

“I didn’t like taking Goldust out of the Goldust character. I knew Dustin wanted to do this, and felt very strongly that there were real feelings and emotions about the Goldust character and Dusty.

I just felt that the reason Goldust was Goldust, was because it was a persona Dustin could put on and be someone else. I think he was better at portraying a character than he was as The Natural.

That Goldust character was so rich, flamboyant, and all-consuming. When you take it off of him, he becomes a normal guy. He wasn’t interesting, right off the bat, in my opinion.

I thought Dustin had come so far in the character work he had done, that when you stripped all that away, all of a sudden, he was a regular guy. I don’t think people paid money to see a regular guy next door.

Nobody gave a sh*t about Dustin Rhodes. They only gave a sh*t about Goldust. We stripped him of that, and everything that the audience had an emotional attachment to.

It’s hard to talk about because I f**king loved Dustin Rhodes, I thought he was one of the most talented talents I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. But when you take a flamboyant character like Goldust and strip it all away, and you make someone a boring husband, I’m not watching TV, and I’m not watching WWF to see a boring husband with a kid who goes on TV and says, ‘My daddy was mean to me. We didn’t get along’.

There were more people attached to Dusty Rhodes than Dustin Rhodes. That audience, the WWF fans, didn’t watch that other sh*t (WCW). Even if they knew that Dustin was Dusty’s son, they didn’t care. And I just thought that everything interesting, everything emotional, we took away from him.”

Dustin Rhodes, who currently works in AEW, heard what Prichard had to say and tweeted the following:

“I love Bruce Prichard, I really do. We can agree to disagree about the ‘Dustin Rhodes’ character. I am a tremendously talented storyteller. I am not everyone’s cup of tea of course, but it is unfair for him to say ‘nobody gave a sh*t about Dustin’. I say you are wrong. The whole world loves Dustin Rhodes. Love ya Bruce.”

Lance Storm saw Dustin’s tweet and replied the following:

“I was a fan back during your Natural Dustin Rhodes run in WCW. I gave a damn. Your series with Stunning Steve was great.”

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