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6. Matt Hardy Becomes “BROKEN” Again

At last night’s House of Hardcore show, Raw Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy became “BROKEN” again. For those wondering why Matt is working non-WWE shows, WWE has allowed him to complete his indy obligations that he signed for before returning to WWE.

Matt was scheduled to face Tommy Dreamer, but that match didn’t happen as the Spirit Squad attacked him. This led to Bully Ray coming out and teamed up with Dreamer to face the Spirit Squad. Bully Ray & Dreamer went on to defeat the Spirit Squad after hitting a 3D on Kenny.

Below is a GIF of Matt becoming “BROKEN” again:

Speaking of the “BROKEN” gimmick, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Matt’s “BROKEN” gimmick is going to be used on WWE programming. Meltzer noted that WWE is working on a deal with Impact Wrestling (as they own the “BROKEN” gimmick) to use the gimmick.

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