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While being a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the topic of WrestleMania 40 arose, prompting Jimmy Fallon to inquire about a photo John Cena had shared on Instagram featuring He-Man and Fisto.

Fallon mentioned that some fans speculated the post hinted at a match with The Rock, and he asked Cena if he could verify this speculation.

Here’s what Cena said:

“People are talking, WrestleMania 40. They’re speculating that The Rock and I will be in the ring in Philadelphia for WrestleMania 40. They’re gonna keep talking until it happens. We don’t know yet. (Crowd groans) That was not satisfactory. We just took the wind out of your sails.

Do you want me to make a promise I can’t keep? You want me to write a check I can’t cash? Am I in the business of writing checks that my a$$ can’t cash? Is that what we’re doing here? Is that the type of outfit you’re running?”

Fallon then noted that WrestleMania XL is coming up, which led to Cena basically confirming that he will appear at the biggest show of 2024:

“It’s April 6, in Philadelphia. I know exactly where it is. I mean, I’m free that day. I’m just saying. I’m just saying to you guys out there. (Crowd cheers) Now, the energy’s coming back a little bit. The suspense is building.”

Fallon hinted jokingly that perhaps fans would witness a bit of Cena’s trademark taunt, “You can’t see me”, as he imitated the gesture. Cena joined in the fun, suggesting that maybe fans wouldn’t be able to “see” him there.

“Maybe… maybe you won’t see me there (goes on to do the ‘You can’t see me’). Yeah, we did it! We dodged the question.”

You can watch it below:

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